The Brief History of Department of Finance

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Since its establishment in August 2000, the Department of Finance has been devoted to the research of national and business sector finance, and the nurturing of students in the field. In addition, the department has produced significant research on the subject of securities. It is hoped that research will contribute to the development of Taiwan’s stock market. The department has created a presence for itself in the field of financial education, and with an emphasis on both theory and practice. The department can enhance finance theories and help develop companies’ financial strategies. In addition, the department can train professionals in public and private sectors and organizations in the central region of Taiwan and help to raise the skill level of people in this field. As such, the department contributes indirectly to promoting economic development, and increasing the financial competitiveness and management efficiency of Taiwan. With inter-departmental cooperation we also offer classes on financial & economic law, business administration, accounting, information science and applied mathematics etc, thereby achieving a rounded education for students in the social sciences field.


Apart from the undergraduate program, the Department of Finance has also offered an MBA in finance program since August 2002.