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The domains include financial Management, Business Evaluation, Investment and Risk Management, and Financial Engineering.


1. Financial Management

The curriculum includes Financial Planning, Financial Management, Financing Decision, Investment Decision, Working Capital Management, Capital Structure, Financial Laws, Financial Market, Mergers and Acquisitions, nurturing professionals in financial management, familiar with the operation of companies, understand the financial market, and make financial strategy and decisions.


2. Business Evaluation

The curriculum includes Investment Banking Management, Entrepreneurial Investment, Mergers and Acquisitions, Financial Analysis, Business Evaluation, Performance Evaluation and Value Management, nurturing professionals in investment banking and financial consultants related to business evaluation.  


3. Investment and Risk Management

The curriculum includes Efficient Portfolios, Security Investment Analysis, Industrial Economics Analysis, Fund Operation and Management, Financial Risk Management, Venture Capital, Investment Evaluation and Decision-Making, and Financing Decision, educating professionals in security investment analysis and investment portfolio management.   


4. Financial Engineering

The curriculum includes Financial Risk Management, Financial Derivatives, Financial Innovation, Arbitrage, Asset Securitization, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Financing Project, nurturing professionals in financial engineering with the knowledge of financial innovation and risk management.