MSGF program from Fordham university

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Fordham University’s Graduate School of Business (GBA) and College of Management, National Chung-Hsing University, Taiwan (NCHU) offer a dual-degree opportunity that allows students to earn a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), an Executive MBA (EMBA), or a Masters in Finance degree from NCHU and a Master of Science in Global Finance (MSGF) degree from Fordham.  All current NCHU students and alumni who have successfully completed the MBA/EMBA/Masters degree are eligible to apply for the program.


Fordham University Graduate School of Business Administration

Fordham University is located in the State of New York, USA.  Fordham has three campuses: the Lincoln Center Campus in midtown Manhattan in New York City, the Rose Hill campus in the Bronx in New York City, and the Westchester campus in Westchester. Fordham’s Graduate School of Business Administration (GBA) is located at the Lincoln Center campus in New York City, blocks away from Central Park, Columbus Circle, and Time Square.

Fordham University GBA was ranked 15th in the ranking of Best Business Schools in MBA Finance Specialty by U.S. News and World Report in 2013.  It was ranked at the 19th place in Finance Specialty by Bloomberg Business Week magazine in 2010 and 17th in 2013

The website for Fordham GBA is:


MSGF Program Structure

The MSGF degree requires students to complete 10 courses. The proposed collaborative program allows students who have studied for the master degrees at NCHU to transfer up to 12 credits from the MBA/EMBA/Masters towards the Fordham MSGF degree.  Courses and academic work taken at NCHU will be used to assess the equivalency to the content of the following Fordham courses: Financial Modeling, Principles of Modern Finance, Managerial Economics, and Financial Statement Analysis.  Six additional MSGF courses are required to obtain the Fordham MSGF degree. Of those six courses, 0-3 will be delivered in Taichung at NCHU and 3-6 will be taught at New York at Fordham. The six additional courses necessary to complete the MSGF degree are outlined below. Please note these courses and all schedules are subject to final confirmation.

Students of MSGF will acquire the ability to implement corporate goals through financial strategies that use the opportunities available in today’s global financial markets. They will also have the unique advantage of receiving a Masters degree from a well-known American University, joining the alumni networks of Fordham University and Fordham’s partner universities such as Peking University in Beijing and Bilkent University in Ankara  

Alumni and current students of NCHU who wish to continue their study for an MS in Global Finance will be required to complete the following six (6) courses. Fordham will offer 3-6 courses in New York in July/August.  Courses to be offered in Taichung will be held in the period from January-June, prior to the study in New York.  Please note these course information is subject to final confirmation.


In Taichung/NY:   

Contemporary Issues in Global Finance

Global Financial Markets and Institutions

Raising Capital and Investing in Global Markets


In New York:                

Global Corporate Governance

Global Equity Portfolio Management

Global Risk Management


Tuition, fees, and expenses

Students have the option of two tracks for taking the Fordham GBA MSGF courses in academic year 2013/2014.  In Track 1 students take the six Fordham MSGF courses during the Spring 2014 and Summer 2014 in New York.  In Track 2, students take the six Fordham MSGF courses in intensive format in Summer 2014. 

The tuition for the program is based on Fordham tuition per credit, which currentlly is $1,259/credit.  The total tuition for the six Fordham MSGF courses is therefore $22,662.

Students in Track 2, i.e. taking all six courses in intensive format in the summer, will be eligible for a discounted tuition and financial aid from Fordham.  The reduced tuition for Track 2 students will be $15,863 and is partially financed by a grant from the NASDAQ/OMX Educational Foundation and partially by Fordham University.

Please also note that in addition to the tuition, Fordham University also charges several student service fees, which in 2013 was about $200 per semester.  Living expenses in New York are also additional to the tuitions and fees. The International student office requires that students budget $4,000 for living expenses for their stay in New York.  These amounts may be subject to change from year to year.


VISA matters

NCHU students will be considered to be international students at Fordham University and have to apply for a student VISA to enter and study in the US. Fordham University’s International Students Office will work with the students to prepare the documentation required for applying for a student VISA at the US consulate. Typically the documents involved are: an Affidavit of Support showing sufficient funds to cover tuition and fees and living expenses prepared by the student, Passport, an I-20 issued by Fordham University’s International Students Office.

Please note that students will not be able to enroll at Fordham on a visitor’s VISA.  It is important to apply for a Student VISA for their studies.


Student Application

Application packets will be made available to current students and alumni of the UAH MBA/EMBA/Masters program.  Applicants must submit their application by December 30, 2013.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)                                                               


  1. Who is eligible for this program?

All graduates of College of Management, National Chung-Hsing University (NCHU) who are attending or have successfully completed their MBA or EMBA degrees are eligible to apply for the dual-degree program.  Admission to the program requires NCHU students to have earned an overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0, i.e. an average grade of B or higher, in the courses that will be transferred to the MSGF program.  In addition, NCHU students have to demonstrate English language proficiency. Applicants who do not meet the minimum GPA requirements or cannot demonstrate proficiency in English will be subject to a personal interview and could be asked to take an additional English language test to be organized by Fordham.


  1. How and when do we apply?

You should mail your hard-copy application form together with the other required materials as indicated on the application checklist to: MSGF Program Associate, MSGF Program, Graduate School of Business Administration, Fordham University, 33 West 60th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10023, by the stated deadlines.  For your convenience, you may send in the application form by e-mail to the MSGF Program Associate at to meet the deadline. You may also contact us at +1 (646) 293-3953


  1. How do we pay the tuition, and to whom?

Students are expected to pay full amount of tuition directly to Fordham for all Fordham courses.  For the courses they take in New York, tuition is due before they depart for the US. The bank account information for wire transfers will be provided upon admittance.


  1. When will the program start?

Courses in the program will be tentatively offered during the period from January to August. Courses are offered in Taichung will start prior to the study in New York.  A detailed schedule will be provided upon admittance.


  1. When will the courses in New York take place?

The courses in NY will take place in July/August. The courses will follow an intensive one-course-per-week agenda with a one week break in the middle.  Some company visits and social events will be integrated into the course schedule.


  1. What is the daily schedule for the courses to be offered in New York?

Classes will run from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm every day (Monday to Thursday), mainly in the form of lectures and occasional speeches by invited speakers.  Most of the social events and company visits will be over the weekend (Friday-Sunday).


  1. How will students be evaluated for each course, by exams or term paper?

Most of the courses will conclude with a final exam, while some may require a written paper or project depending on professors’ preferences.


  1. Do students need to write a thesis and pass a thesis defense in order to get the MSGF degree?

No thesis is required at the end of the program.


  1. If a student fails a course, does he/she have a second chance to make up for the failure? Will it have any effect on his/her obtaining the degree?

If a student fails one course, there are two possible options to make up the credits.  The student may: a) take a new course by distance/tutorial; b) retake the course when it is offered again.  The decision to offer these options is at the discretion of the Fordham faculty.  In either case, the student is required to pay for the additional credits.

In the event that the student has only failed one class, the student will be permitted to join the graduation ceremony in New York but will not receive a diploma until all courses have been successfully completed.


  1. What is the GPA requirement for obtaining the MSGF degree?

Students have to achieve an overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 or above over the 10 MSGF courses to get the degree.


  1. Is there any requirement on the grade of the four courses to be transferred to the MSGF degree?

A minimum average grade of B is required for the four transfer courses.


  1. Does the tuition fee include textbooks and other course materials, e.g. cases?

The tuition fee does NOT include the cost of textbooks and any other course materials including cases. Students must buy or rent textbooks and/or cases by themselves. Textbook expenses typically do not exceed USD 150 per course on average.


  1. Where do we study outside the class hours?

There are several study areas at Fordham including two libraries.  Students can study on campus until midnight.  Additionally, there are many suitable places to study in New York, such as central park, one of New York’s many public libraries, or coffee shops.


  1. Where do we eat in NYC?

The campus cafeteria is open to all students.  There are several restaurants around the campus which offer food at reasonable prices.  New York City offers some of the best and most eclectic dining in the world in every price range, and all easily accessible from Fordham.


  1. Is there Internet access on campus?

Yes, internet access is provided to all students.  Wi-Fi is available anywhere on campus.


  1. What kind of visa do we apply for? Are we allowed to work with the visa in NY?

Fordham will issue an I-20 for each student.  The I-20 is used to obtain an F1 visa. The F1 visa permits the student to arrive in the US up to one month before the beginning of the program and to depart up to two months after the program ends. Travel within the US is permitted.

The F1 visa does not allow the student to work while in the US.


  1. I already have a B1/B2 visa. Can I use it for the study at New York?

NO, it’s against law to study in US using a business visa. You have to apply for an F1.


  1. Can students’ spouses apply for a visa at the same time when the student applies for F1 visa?

Yes. Fordham will issue an I-20 form to students’ spouses to facilitate their visa application process.  The spouse of a student will apply for a F2 visa.


  1. Are there any chances for us to integrate with the Fordham students?

Fordham will arrange for some cultural activities as well as interactions between local Fordham students, MSGF students from Beijing University in China, and other Fordham partner universities.


  1. Are students required to buy any insurance to study in NY? What is the approximate cost?

It is not obligatory that students buy any insurance; it is voluntary. The Office of International Services at Fordham will help students buy the insurance when they are there, if there is any need. The approximate cost of insurance for a single month is around USD 100.


  1. What are the options for housing in New York?

Students are responsible for finding housing in New York in July-August for the duration of their stay. Finding housing in New York for summer studies is very common and New York offers many choices making it both a challenge and fun to locate an “apartment”.  Fordham University will offer limited support in your housing search.  Please contact the MSGF program office ( for help in your search – the more specific your question, the better and the faster will be our response.


Where to stay

The five areas listed below are areas within Manhattan, New York.  Many of our summer students have stayed in these areas in the past.  For your guidance, we have listed the range of rents based on an informal collation of the information we have available.



Rent range**


1 bedroom in an apt* ($)

Studio/1-bedroom apt ($)

Lincoln Center Area (W60-W66)



Upper West (W90-W130) - Columbia University Area



Upper West (W70-W90)



Midtown East (E34-E59)



Midtown West(W34-W59)




  • 1 bedroom in an apartment, shared accommodation:  the whole apartment would be a 2- or 3-bedroom with 1 bathroom.
  • A studio is essentially one large room with one corner being the kitchen space and a separate bathroom.
  • Rent range: the rent range mentioned in this table is just an average/reasonable range for a normal apartment/studio. And the rent range is does not include luxury features that come with some apartments/studios.


When to start looking for housing

The rental market in New York is very dynamic. New apartments are listed every day. There is also high demand for apartments so be prepared to move quickly when an apartment becomes available.  Generally, it takes about 2 weeks to find and rent an apartment.  The length of time it takes to find suitable housing varies widely based on personal preference, availability of rentals, neighborhood, etc.

For the International House listings at 500 Riverside Dr., you should complete the online residential application as soon as you decide to come to New York.  The website is:


How to find housing

Here are some websites/forums dedicated to housing rentals that students may want to explore.  Please contact the MSGF program office with any questions you may have.

1.     International house for international students at 500 Riverside Dr. (20 minutes by Subway#1 to the campus): Email, Website:


3.     Craigslist:

4.     Some students prefer to use real estate agencies to find an apartment.  The real estate agencies will charge a broker fee, usually equal to 1-month rent.  It can be very helpful to have the agencies help in your search for an apartment.  You can contact the MSGF program office for names of real estate agents who have worked with students in the past.  Fordham has several alumni who are involved in real estate rental business.


Application Instructions                                           


Application Deadlines

  • December 30, 2013

We strongly recommend early application. If you have difficulties in meeting the deadlines, please email us at for assistance.


Application Requirements

  • College of Management, National Chung-Hsing University, Taiwan (NCHU) MBA and EMBA graduates
  • Grades that meet the minimum requirement of Average B for the transfer courses
  • High English proficiency


Application Materials

  • Application form

Please complete the attached application form.  In addition, we strongly encourage you to provide an E-version duly completed and mail it to as an attachment.


  • Curriculum vitae (CV)

We expect to see your educational and professional background with details in the CV.


  • Motivation essay

We shall evaluate your motivation from your statements on (1) why you are applying to take the MSGF degree program, and (2) what are your career goals and development plans.

  • A copy of your ID card/passport
  • Two color photos with white background
  • One business cards


Please send these application materials:

MSGF Program Associate

Fordham University

Graduate School of Business Administration

33 West 60th Street, 4th Floor

New York, NY 10023

646-293-3953 Phone

212-636-7302 Fax